Wait for a second! You want to know about me?! :)

... you will never leave! ...

Just joking! It is not me, really, I like to talk about, it's about my work and my pets, and my travels, and the books I have read, and the movies I have seen, and the World in itself!

Did you come for a photography session? Well, you will probably get a therapy/philosophy/animal behavior session for the same price too! :)

I truly am passionate about many things in life and I like to explore it all with my camera in hand!

So hello! My name is Agnes! Let's get together and create some magic!

Let's Get Started

The first step is to go through my work and then to contact me and get a vibe off me!

I understand! No hard feelings! :) Photoshoots are difficult for some people and you need to work with the right person!

It is your own personal World and no strangers are welcome!

You want the right moments, and emotions captured! I would too!

We can meet up for coffee, do email chats, or WhatsApp calls. I am absolutely OK with whatever way of communication works best for you. :)